Bringing international expertise to Minnesota congregations

"Blessed are the peacemakers."

Churches have been agents of peace in conflicted communities for millennia. There are many different ways to practice peace and build it - Respectful Conversations being only one. Learn about other ways to manage conflict, boost empathy, strengthen relationships, promote social cohesion, support democracy, and build bridges through occassional opportunities in our Peacemakers Series.


Through the Peacemakers series Minnesota Council of Churches partners with national and international peacebuilding professionals to bring trainings, resources and other opportunities to beat our swords into plowshares in Minnesota's faith communities.




The Empathy Film Series is an opportunity for you to gather with other servant leaders interested in boosting empathy in our society. Watch different approaches to bridge-building and learn their impact. Group discussions may be structured reflections or free-for-all conversation. MCC Respectful Conversations staff will be present for free consultation on opportunities for empathy or depolarization of conflict in your communities.


The series continues many Thursdays of Lent from noon - 1:00pm at the Minnesota Church Center.



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