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MCC Respectful Conversations are structured, facilitated conversations designed not to change minds but soften hearts. Empathy is built and relationships are strengthened in faith communities, community organizations, institutes of higher education, membership associations and municipalities through facilitator training and conversation experiences. They work for communities in the midst of toxic polarization as well as skill-building workshops to prepare groups for when conflict inevitably arises.


Lead Facilitators work with host sites to discern areas of conflict, to train "table facilitators" for the crucial small-group aspect of the conversation, and later to hold space for and lead the overall conversation. They provide instruction, assist table facilitators who may be experiencing difficulty, and collect evaluations.


Lead Facilitators are stipended and occasionally reimbursed for mileage and lodging in cases of significant travel. They are sometimes called upon to participate in leadership of conversations that deviate in small or moderate ways from the standard MCC Respectful Conversations model. They work with MCC staff and host site representatives to build peace, strengthen relationships, and support democracy. In addition to being assigned MCC Respectful Conversations, Lead Facilitators are welcome to approach communities about the opportunities an MCC Respectful Conversation presents.


This year MCC is planning to train a diverse cohort of MCC Respectful Conversations Lead Facilitators. Doing so will expand the base of cultural assumptions and competencies from which we help to depolarize communities.


The training date is not set. Our first priority is to develop a diverse pool of candidates for lead facilitator training. We will prioritize backgrounds and identities not already dominant in our Lead Facilitator cohort. Depending on how long the recruitment phase goes we would hope to conduct the 9-hour training on a Thursday, Friday or Saturday in September.


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