Justice Advocacy

Education and advocacy for nearly 75 years

The Minnesota Council of Churches works to achieve education and advocacy goals. MCC works with partners within the religious community, as well as across sectors. All of the work MCC does is done in the spirit of partnership. Our programs, services, and ministries are offered and delivered in, and through, a variety of partnerships.


Faith-based Community Organizing

MCC believes in the power of community organizing to foster social change. To this end, MCC works with Minnesota faith-based organizing groups to link them to the congregations and denominations within MCC's membership. Some of the organizations we work with are:



Joint Religious Legislative Coalition (JRLC) 

MCC was one of the founding members of JRLC, the largest and most inclusive interfaith public interest group in Minnesota. This public policy coalition focuses on issues mostly related to poverty. JRLC is authorized and governed by four Sponsoring Members: MCC, Islamic Center of Minnesota, Jewish Community Relations Council, Minnesota & the Dakotas, and Minnesota Catholic Conference.


Advocating for People with Refugee Status

The United States has a rich history of welcoming refugees to begin new lives, but restrictive policies and challenges to the resettlement program do arise. We urge supporters of refugees to share their experiences with friends and family, as well as with their elected officials. There are many great resources to help you get started. We have a collected a number of them here. These organizations provide opportunities to stay informed, learn about what faith communities and others are saying and doing around the country in support of refugees, and what actions are needed as the environment shifts. You may want to follow them on Facebook and Twitter, as well as accessing their web resources.

Church World Service
Interfaith Immigration Coalition
Refugee Council USA

Raise awareness about refugees in your faith community:

There are many resources and opportunities to engage in meaningful dialogue with congregational or other discussion groups about welcoming refugees and worship service resources honoring refugees including prayers, litanies, and scriptures.


Host a Refugee Speaker:

The Refugee Speakers Bureau is a group of talented speakers who came to MN as refugees and asylees, and who have worked with MCC Refugee Services.  After completing our Public Speaking Skills course, they share their own refugee journeys with churches and community groups.  Speakers are accompanied by staff from MCC Refugee Services for presentations of varying length.

These remarkable individuals give audiences a personal window into their refugee experience and help audiences to better understand global issues and refugee communities here in MN.

“I want to thank both of you for offering your time to come and speak to our class.  It is one thing to read articles about refugees and workers.  It is a lot more meaningful to have someone come in and talk about their real life experiences.  By you coming and talking to our class it completely changed my perspective of how I viewed refugees and what they go through.” (a note received from a student at the University of MN)

For more information or to schedule a presentation, please contact: rsvolunteers@mnchurches.org or 612.230.3219


In September 2018, the National Administration set the refugee admission limit to 30,000 refugees - the second historic low in a row. Moreover, the Administration attempted to explicitly ban refugees from seven Muslim-majority countries. This discrimination does not reflect the values of Minnesotans or our churches. Now more than ever, we need to show our Muslim neighbors that they do belong here and that they are welcome. Join the Minnesota Council of Churches in wishing our Muslim neighbors a #BlessedRamadan. Click here to learn more.