Bringing international expertise to Minnesota congregations

"Blessed are the peacemakers."

Minnesota Council of Churches Respectful Conversations partners with national and international experts to better equip Christian and other faith leaders with the education, reflection, skills and capacity to be sources of peace in our state, our nation and our world.



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What is Discipleship in the Information Age?

December 12, 12:30pm - 3:00pm

Minnesota Church Center, Minneapolis

Certain core principles of faithful discipleship remain constant - such as telling the truth (1 John 2:24) - but the way disciples practice them in the 21st century may look different from how it looked in the 1st. Faith is a main driver of human behavior and so those who teach it bear additional power and responsibility. Join a clergy convening organized by Minnesota Council of Churches and the International Center for Religion and Diplomacy to share what faithful discipleship in the information age means to you.

Building a Culture of Dialogue CANCELED BY PROVIDER

2023: January 26, 1:00pm - 3:00pm (online)

2023: February 2, 1:00pm - 3:30pm (online)

A free online workshop building skills and tools for helping our communities to overcome polarization and extend grace, respect and love to each other in the face of our differences.

Differences surrounding moral and social issues have created frictions and challenges for many faith communities and leaders. Resetting the Table's sought-after workshop provides religious leaders with tools to enable faith communities to listen and speak across differences with honesty, dignity and grace.

The program provides participants with road-tested exercises they can bring back to their own institutions as well as a chance to model and experience rich dialogue across differences among participating faith leaders.


  • Practice two skills for constructive communication across differences with customized coaching
  • Experience dialogue across difference with an ideologically diverse group of fellow faith leaders
  • Learn tools and exercises you can replicate in your community and networks

"Our job is not to be a political church, but to teach love and grace and discipleship - how to be a person of faith, to be a Christian - in the face of political differences. I would invite anyone interested in breaking through the cultural gridlock in which we find ourselves to participate in this training." -Ron Miller, VP for Online Learning, Southwest Baptist University

"I have been so disheartened by the divisions in our country (and my local community) that I simply avoid sharing some of my strongest feelings. This training has helped me to reconsider and re-think how the church should be the one place where such listening and engagement should be occurring and modeled for others. We live in such a polarized time. Resetting the Table served as an experiential education for me - a vision of what can be experienced when we dive into listening and release our fear of presumed divisions." - Doug, Baptist Pastor, Rural Georgia

"Who would have thought that in this short program you could help us bridge these divides and actually enjoy these conversations! This program made me more confident and so much more hopeful that I can have difficult conversations on issues that can be so divisive. I realize how fearful I have been. And as a result, I was missing out on the opportunity for deeper connection as well as a greater understanding of others." - Cheryl, Lay Leader, Evangelical Church, Virginia

"This is the best training on listening I've had... This program took me from a place of knowing my conflict-avoidant style was not the best way to having the tools to know how to move forward in a different way. I'd always heard how important it is to allow conflict to exist, but no one has ever been so clear as to how to do that in ways that feel life-giving more than threatening... This has the potential to be life-changing for a community. But only if done with skill. Looking back on 30 years of parish leadership, I see now that opening up more conversation on difficult issues would have been possible and healthy." - Jackie, Episcopal Pastor, Ohio